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New village hall progress report - Nov. 2020

Further preparatory work has been carried out on land surrounding the pavilion, site of the new village hall. Following the drilling of boreholes to test the load bearing capacity of the land, reported in September


Ground clearance and exploratory excavation has been undertaken as part

of a survey for foundations and services. The pavilion has now been closed

and fenced off for safety reasons. A further progress report will appear next



Mike Fairchild - Communications


New village hall progress report - 4 Sept. 2020

Ground exploration

Compass Geotechnical Ltd conducted a ground exploration surrounding the pavilion. This comprised 3 boreholes of 6m depth and a trial pit. One of the boreholes is located in the footprint of the new pavilion and the other 2 boreholes and trial pit relate to the NVH footprint.  The samples were analysed and the results will inform and confirm the NVHG and pavilion foundation design by Structures Lab .

The survey was overseen by Rachel Ford, engineering biologist and director of Compass Geotechnical.


Core samples were subjected to a detailed laboratory examination to, inter alia, assess the integrity of the subsoil and its load bearing capacity.


Preliminary indications show the sub-soil at 6m depth and the majority of the sample to be boulder clay with some chalk particles, with upper levels of sand and gravel. This aligns with the existing geological data for the area and should confirm there is no need for piling. The foundations will probably comprise a concrete raft (instead of conventional deep strip foundation footings) with some thickening towards trees at the rear to minimise the risk of subsidence.

Consequently, this will reduce the amount of spoil removal and a potential saving on programme. This, combined with a less expensive foundation structure should mean a saving on the foundation allowance within the NVH Cost Plan.

Structures Lab should have Compass Geotechnical’s formal report after approximately 3 weeks but there should be some informal feedback sooner depending on the laboratory workload.



A ground floor plan showing external and internal wall specifications has been produced

A preliminary section has also been produced showing the different types of main beams which will be visible in the main hall; the favoured option visually and for cost savings is a composite beam of timber and stainless steel.



The foul and RW drainage from the NVH to the south of the new hall has been designed (including a manhole for the pavilion drainage to be connected into).


A survey of the existing drainage last week indicated that there will be no need for a drainage pump as the existing levels should be adequate to run the NVH and pavilion drainage into the existing manhole.


The existing manhole cover is totally inadequate and a heavy-duty cover will have to be installed.



Brontide (the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design consultant, MEP) have visited the site to inspect the electrical supplies to the existing hall and pavilion.


This will establish if the current electricity supply is adequate to supply the NVH and pavilion.

Electrical loads have been discussed with the Village Hall Trustees.


The utility companies for the pavilion water and electricity supplies are to be contacted regarding termination prior to demolition.


Air source heat pump and underfloor heating are the favoured option.

Also, due to the COVID situation current practice is to design new public buildings with a mechanical air handling system; an environmentally sustainable system is being considered

Phil Bannister, Project Manager, NVH Build Team.

dig and skip 2.jpg
Borehole 1 LR.jpg
Nth Elevation 10.10.19.jpg

Plans for Debden’s New Village Hall 2020

The design for Debden’s New Village Hall has been prepared by architects Plater Claiborne working to a brief drawn up by Debden Village Hall Trust and the New Village

Hall Group following extensive consultation with both residents and user groups. 


The new hall will be built on the site of the existing pavilion, planned to be replaced to the east side on the recreation ground. Large windows on the northern elevation of the new

hall will take full advantage of its position overlooking the recreation ground.


These plans were shown at the Parish Assembly in the village hall on Wed May 15 2019 at 8pm, and approved by UDC planning Dept august 2020. View the plans on The Build Page, or Uttlesford District Council Planning Ref: UTT/20/0376/FUL 

Borehole 4.jpg
Repoter FSJ 20.08.20 copy.jpg

A huge thank you to Fowler Smith & Jones for their support and recent donation £25,000, towards this



We were selected by Waitrose, Saffron Walden as part of their Community Matters Scheme, earlier in the year and have recently received a donation of £333.  

Thank you Waitrose!

SW Reporter Press Oct 1st 2020.jpg

We're installing two Schwegler 2F bat boxes on the recreation ground to help out our little furry friends.… @arkwildlife @_BCT   @Debvillagehall

Debden Memorial Hall Plaque Unveiling Friday 9th Nov. 2018

Here are some lovely photos from the Remembrance Service and Debden Memorial Hall Plaque Unveiling by Lt. Col. George Cormack RE, along with descendants of those family members lost in both World Wars, and children from Debden Primary School, Which took place on Friday 9th Nov. 2018

photo 1.jpg
Richard on tv.jpg
Photo 3.jpg
RBL service 100 years - old hall.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

DIG DEEP AND DONATE!  Aviva Community Fund Crowdfunder page 2019/20. Thank you Aviva! We have reached our target of £2000 by May. 18th 2020. Thanks to all those who have donated online. 


We received £325 from the Aviva employees scheme and £1000 match funding from Sport England - Activate Your Space, through Crowdfunder.








To donate go to:

coop fund.png

Debden New Memorial Hall has been chosen to benefit from the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund. The funding round will open on 27 October 2019 and close on 24 October 2020.


During this funding phase, Co-op Members will be able to choose Debden New Memorial Hall as their local cause.


Every time a member buys selected own-brand products and services, 1% of the money they spend goes to local community projects such as Debden New Memorial Hall


To get ready for the launch, supporters, volunteers, friends and family need to become a Co-op Member. You can join online at It costs just £1.


Co-op have just recently donated £475.85

19th Apr 2020

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Stansted_charity_logo .jpg

Funding Received from the SAPCF   A big thank you to the Stansted Airport Passenger Community Fund who donated £250 to the Debden Village Hall Trustees to help towards the Memorial Plaque unveiling on 9th Nov 2018.

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ECC logo.jpg

Essex County Council awarded the Trustees £10,000 under the Community Initiatives Fund, in December 2018. The grant was awarded for costs towards architects fees, amended planning and preliminary costs.


Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us in the Aviva Community Fund 2018 - we didn’t win but Aviva have donated £200.

Aired on ITV  Anglia News 6pm on Friday 9th Nov. 2018

Press Play on track below to listen to an interview with Mike Fairchild on BBC Radio Essex 26th June 2017.
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Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us in the Aviva Community Fund 2017 - we didn’t win but Aviva have donated £300  - better than nothing at all and the pennies will look after the pounds!

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