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Public Consultation

The Public Consultation result was a Yes vote by the majority of 56%. The Parish Council will be proceeding with the application to the PWLB for a loan facility of between £0-400,000 to act as a measure to support this project should it be needed. Fundraising will be on-going and public schemes will continue once COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions have been lifted.


The Debden New Village Hall Group and Debden Village Hall Trust would like to thank the Parish Council for it's relentless support and hard work.




The Parish Council Public Consultation meetings start Dates:

Thurs 5th March, 7 pm-9 pm • Sat 7th March, 11 am-3 pm • Wed 11th March, 7 pm-9 pm


This is your chance to vote YES/NO to the Parish Council proceeding with an application to the PWLB loan of up to £400,000 to support the Debden New Village Hall Project, which would require a council tax precept increase of 107%.


Please see Relevant information on this page including:

• Survey/vote form

• Fixed Rate Loan - repayment illustration (based on a loan over 40 years on a band D property)

• Finance graph

• FAQ's.


Read all this information to help you decide.


Different voting options are available:

• In person by ballot box at a Public Consultation Meeting

• By Post to UDC Council Offices (address on forms)

• By Survey Monkey:

Click on the icons below to download the survey form and docs


Forms need to be completed and submitted by close 20th March 2020

DPC Borrowing chart.jpg
Finance Graph Pres.jpg
Consultation FAQs..jpg
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